There are 6 Steps to Full membership in Peoples Club of Nigeria – Arlington Texas.

(1) Application: An application form must be filled out completely with a non-refundable deposit.

(2) Processing of Application. This will require among other things, verification of information on application form and a complete criminal background check. After a successful processing of the application, the applicant and spouse will be invited for an interview.

(3) Interview. An interview of the prospective member and spouse will be conducted. Peoples Club Members will ask questions and get clarification on information on application. Members will grade the applicant. After a successful outcome of the interview, the applicant is accepted and invited to formally accept.

(4) Acceptance: The applicant formally accept the offer of membership and pay their membership fees. The Honorable chairman accept the new member and initiates the new member. Your seniority ranking in the club depends on the day membership is accepted.

(5) Probationary Period: After being admitted, every member goes thru a 12 months probationary period. During that 12 months, member may be dismissed if any part of their application is found to be false.

(6)Induction. Induction is the formal initiation into Peoples Club of Nigeria. it is the final act. When you are inducted, you become a member of the world of Peoples club. Induction happens every few years. A member is however inducted only once for life.

Interested in joining PCNI – Arlington Texas? Contact a member  or send e-mail to us.